Small Group Training – Carlsbad

If you’re anything like me, the pursuit of a “perfect body” just doesn’t appeal to you anymore.

There are some saggy bits and soft spots you’d like to improve, of course. But “perfect”? Nah!

Life is too busy to worry about perfection. And you’d rather show your kids that you love your body whether it’s perfect or not!

So you exercise to be healthy and to stay young.

To FEEL good and to be a better, more confident you.

To be a good role model for your kids.

To have ENERGY for your long, demanding days.

To build STRENGTH… Because you always have your arms full (And because you may just want to sign up for an obstacle course race some day!).

And to have the STAMINA to take care of your entire family day in and day out, while still taking care of you.


Taking care of you is important. Because you, my dear, are much more than a clothing size or some numbers on the scale. You are a fierce warrior of a woman! Your body is resilient and amazingly capable. AND plenty of people depend on the person who resides in that body! You are the pillar of support for so many. Yeah… Taking care of you is extremely important.

So if you’re looking for a way to take care of you – in the hands of an experienced fitness professional who totally gets where you’re at – I am opening up some small group training spots.

Why small groups? Because taking care of yourself should be fun, too! (And what’s more fun than spending some quality time with other badass women?). Plus… a small group session gives you the customized touch of a private training session, but at a much more affordable price.




A group of 2-4 women

San Diego Premier Training
6451 EL Camino Real, Suite B–2, Carlsbad, CA 92009

Spots available 6am & 7am M/W/F
(Sign up for 2x/week or 3x/week)

One session is $35/person

The initial, hour-long fitness assessment and consultation is FREE. Ongoing program design is included.
Kim will also give support and weekly nutritional advice on a secret Facebook page for clients only.


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