Losing Fat is NOT Enough

The most popular fitness theme these days is fat loss / weight loss.

I’m sure you’ve noticed.

Yes – our country is in dire need of some hefty fat loss.  No thanks to our over-processed, typical everyday food choices, poor engrained nutritional habits and excess-based American culture.

But you know what?

Fat loss and weight loss just aren’t enough of a focus by themselves when it comes to reinstalling optimal health.

What do I mean by that?

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What is a Badass??

I left off the last post exclaiming that I need to ‘regain my badass’…

Well, what is a badass?

What the heck am I talking about?!

I believe a badass is a person who is not afraid to push the limits.  A person who seemingly ignores fear and doubt.  Someone who is willing to be a bit uncomfortable and face the unfamiliar.

I also believe that a badass makes no excuses and accepts no B.S.  Consistent effort and a healthy dose of confidence in his or her abilities can readily be witnessed… because badasses KNOW that all the hard work and persistence has rightfully placed them above average.

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Ready… Set… BADASS!

Welcome to the new blog, my friends!

I’ve got some great stuff in store for you.

Returning from a year of travels has given me a fresh perspective, a boatload of topics to cover AND a brand new mission.

Let me start by describing that new mission…

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