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Well fed… but still undernourished?

Alright – We KNOW that a large part of the American population eats pure crap.  A LOT of it.  Fast food, processed food, junk food, refined carbohydrates packed with preservatives and chemicals, chemically altered imitation food, and genetically… Read More

“Cardio for Fat Loss” = “The Earth is Flat”

When we look back in history, we are keenly aware of a time when explorers proved that the Earth was round.  Before that time, popular belief and well-developed arguments concluded that the Earth must be flat and finite…. Read More

Down with 100-calorie packs!

It seems like a good idea.  A healthy option, perhaps. It seems like a smart, well-thought-out answer to our weight control problem here in the US. But regardless of how it all ‘seems’… those flimsy little 100-calorie snack… Read More