About Deliberate Movement

Deliberate Movement is the creation of Kim Ball.

It is a Carlsbad-based fitness and wellness company.  And it is devoted to the comprehensive education & motivation of those reaching for their ultimate physical potential.

The ideals and culture of Deliberate Movement were originally instilled through Kim’s first blog: deliberatemovement.blogspot.com.

This initial blog allowed Kim to connect with health-conscious readers from around the globe.  Through that venue, she shared her “Deliberate Movement Monthly” newsletters, her humorous “Pet Peeves” YouTube series and her variable fitness pursuits (including a figure competition, intense training practices, and a stint as one of 6 SoCal competitors at the 2009 CrossFit Games).



In the Fall of 2009, Kim and her husband, JD, began a completely different blog for Deliberate Movement when they became temporary nomads: deliberatemovementeurope.com.  This new TRAVEL blog was born to detail the thrills and struggles of their 1-year European adventures while living out of a 1986 VW bus.

The happy couple returned from a fantastic, life-altering experience to take the next step.  And that step included a family!  Kim and JD now have a passionate daughter and a lovable son.

With this new, modern blog, Deliberate Movement has made the smooth and natural transition into an entity that manufactures BADASSES.  If you’re looking to redefine yourself and face ALL of life’s challenges head on, you’ve come to the right place.


Kim Ball holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Exercise Physiology, as well as a Master’s in Nutritional Sciences.  She was a high-level competitive gymnast for 15 years.  And she is a full-fledged BADASS for life!

JD Danhoff is also a former gymnast, and is now an avid surfer, accomplished rock climber, outdoor exercise enthusiast, skateboard artist and graphic designer.  His artistic visions and endless efforts have been the backbone of Deliberate Movement’s online image since 2006.

Who knows what these two are capable of next…

4 Comments on “About Deliberate Movement

  1. i came to know about your blog recently ..and since then i have made it a routine to read some portion of it daily so that i could finish it completely..
    my search for correct fitness guide is over with your blog ..all materials at one place ..
    the good thing is everyone tells you what to do no one tells you what not to do …and your videos are awesome…

    • Wow… Junaid… I’m honored by your unbelievably kind comments. Thank you! Please do comment more – and let me know if there are other questions or topics I can cover for you 🙂

  2. Kim, I have not received anything from you for months. Do you want to share about any changes? Is all well with you?

  3. I love the work that you are doing and usually use the word rockstar for your ‘badass’! I am a local yoga teacher and transformation coach and love when I find other people who are here to bring out the best in people physically, psychologically and emotionally! Hope our paths cross in the near future!

    Bad to the bone,

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