“Cardio for Fat Loss” = “The Earth is Flat”

When we look back in history, we are keenly aware of a time when explorers proved that the Earth was round.  Before that time, popular belief and well-developed arguments concluded that the Earth must be flat and finite.

Now, to you and I, so far removed from that time long past – we envision the change in belief to have occurred like the flick of a switch.

One day, everyone is convinced that the Earth stretches out on a flat canvas and drops off into the abyss at its ends.  And then, once courageous explorers provide proof against this theory… POOF!  Everyone immediately understands they were wrong.  The Earth is certainly round.  No doubt about it.

But you and I know that this can’t be how it all went down.  Belief systems are strong entities.  You can’t just completely change a belief with the flick of a switch.  No matter how much hard evidence there is…

Case in point.  Teaching the general public that aerobic exercise is worthless for fat loss.

Researchers have compiled strong data over the past 40 years (over 400 studies!), clearly showing that consistent, frequent aerobic exercise has NO EFFECT on fat loss.  Even in studies lasting a full year, there is no difference in results between ‘diet + aerobic exercise’ and ‘dieting alone’.  Ouch.

So… Why are we spending so much time on these hamster wheels??

Not only has there been plenty of scientific research published on the topic, but fitness professionals (like myself) have been shouting out the message against “slow cardio” for the past 15 years or so.  They have been dropping cardio from their regimens and demonstrating fabulous results on their clientele from better tactics.

Yet, people still refuse to HEAR the message and alter their beliefs.

Just like” the Earth is flat” belief was based off of misinformation, so is the “slow cardio leads to fat loss” belief.  Scientists and researchers got it wrong!  Oops!!  Overall fat loss is NOT based on how many ‘fat calories’ you burn during exercise.  LET IT GO.

Of course, it doesn’t help that it’s super easy to share information in today’s world.  Thousands of voices urge the public to understand that “the Earth is round – and there’s plenty of evidence to prove it!”.  But thousands of other voices continually perpetuate that “the Earth is flat”… simply because they haven’t shut up long enough to HEAR the overwhelming evidence against their antiquated beliefs.

Popular magazines, low quality trainers/coaches, even doctors and other health professionals try to help our growing obese population… but they’re equipped with the wrong information.  And this is the main reason why we can’t seem to sway beliefs in the right direction.  Not because people are necessarily stubborn (although that’s part of it!).  But because the public can’t HEAR all this amazing evidence amongst all the unnecessary noise out there.

That doesn’t mean we won’t keep shouting though.  Even if it takes 50 years, we WILL finally make the majority of folks understand that the Earth is NOT flat!

Research AND real world results are proving that resistance training, circuit training and interval training get the fat loss job done.  These activities help maintain/build muscle (higher metabolism at all times) AND they burn more calories both during and after a workout.  So, squats, lunges, and sprints are far superior than excessive, joint-pounding, repetitive movements on cardio machines.

People who have let go of old, faulty belief systems have realized that – YES, building a little bit of muscle does ramp up your metabolism and cause hefty fat loss.  And YES, adding intensity and external resistance really does improve body composition.

But regardless of research and results… here’s another good way to test your beliefs…

Are your beliefs giving you results?  Or are you sticking with something that doesn’t work, simply out of tradition or fear of change?

Are you discovering whether the Earth is truly round (trying new tactics to experience if they work) OR just continuing to be stubborn in your undying belief that the Earth is flat (sticking to what doesn’t work)?

It’s hard to admit that what you’ve devoted your time and energy to is all wrong.  Believe me – I know.  I’ve had plenty of faulty beliefs that I’ve had to change in order to experience success. Probably some of the same beliefs that you hold today about exercise and diet!

But it’s so worth it to just admit that your thoughts are old and tired – and to just move on.  You’ll be much happier and more satisfied clinging to beliefs that serve you properly.

So… whatever “Earth is flat” beliefs you are still coveting (like “long, slow cardio leads to fat loss”, or “eating fat makes you fat”, or “calories are all that matter”, or “lifting weights makes you big and bulky”)… I think it’s time to discover WHY you’re clinging to them.  If it’s just because that’s all you’ve ever known – well, that’s not a good reason to believe it.  If it’s because that’s what you keep hearing from non-fitness experts (like medical doctors and magazines) – well, that’s not a good reason either.  Remember… there’s as much incorrect information out there as there is current and correct info.

How do you know what’s correct?  Look to the pros who back their advice with recent research and real world results.  But above all… Be a guinea pig.  Experiment on something different to see what actually happens.  Dive in to a new experience.  Build your beliefs because you truly believe them.  Learn for yourself that the Earth is round.