The Badass version of yourself

Exercising, lifting heavy stuff, putting yourself through crazy physical challenges… that stuff should all improve your quality of life.

Isn’t that the point of our efforts??

Don’t we want to feel better, move better, function better, respond better to stressors, and climb the age ladder without deteriorating to a pile of mush?

Because… if your purpose for working out is only to LOOK fit… Or if your only purpose is to have bragging rights about how much weight you can move from point A to point B… then you’ve missed the boat, my friend.

Planning your exercise program ONLY around superficial appearance, weightlifting totals and time goals will cause you to do some poor decision making.

Poor decisions instead of “deliberate movements”

You’ll solely focus on the movements that you think will make your appearance improve.

You will spend way too much time on certain exercises and neglect the corrective exercises that keep your joints healthy for those heavy lifts and challenging movements.

You might only focus on one aspect of training – like JUST slow, super heavy weight lifting or JUST long, boring, neverending cardio.

You might train too much and recover too little – becoming obsessed with this one goal you have.

You may develop some nasty injuries from neglecting to listen to your body or from repetitive, unbalanced patterns of movement.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I have made the past mistakes of exercise obsession, unbalanced workouts and superficial goals.  It doesn’t pay off.  Without some focus on making sure quality of life is maintained, your body WILL break down.

I’m all for those badass individuals that strive to accomplish crazy, amazing feats with their physical bodies.  I’m obviously one of those people!  Whatever your passion in the exercise world, you KNOW you’ve got my support.

But if you want your body’s support, you’ve got to give it what it needs.  Soft tissue work, proper movement preparation (‘warmup’), corrective movements to improve movement dysfunction (because, YES, everyone has some degree of dysfunction), proper recovery, and balance in exercise programming.

Just a little extra effort to focus on the restorative stuff will allow you to keep training with the intensity that you crave.  And if you can maintain that intensity without having to backtrack to correct your mistakes, you will be able to continue striving toward the most Badass version of yourself possible.

So, exercise to improve quality of life!  And you’ll never lose your ‘Badass’ 😉

If this ain’t quality of life, I don’t know what is!!

2 Comments on “The Badass version of yourself

  1. I heart Kim Ball and the Badass Program. *sigh* if only you were in Fort Collins…. : )

    • Awwwww. I would totally clone myself if I could, Dave. Thanks for your neverending support!