Month: December 2010

A Look Inside – Part 5 – STRESS!

From an evolutionary standpoint, STRESS is meant to be a short lived response to a threat.  That’s where the fight-or-flight mechanism comes into play.  A surge of STRESS causes you to react – and react quickly. But these… Read More

5 Year Observation

I haven’t seen my mom face to face in 5 years… yikes. Well, I finally broke that pattern this Christmas!! Don’t ask why there was such an elongated hiatus between visits.  I could provide endless excuses from both… Read More

Merry Christmas!

December 23rd marked the final day of my detoxing experiment.  Hooray!! And in celebration of the upcoming process of reintroducing the eliminated foods back into my system, I did some happy holiday baking with family and friends. We… Read More