Month: November 2010

A Look Inside – Part 2 – INSULIN

Wanna hear another reason why fat loss is almost never about diet and exercise alone? Way back in the 1700s, the average person ate about 4 lbs of sugar per year. In the 1800s, the average person consumed… Read More

Elimination Diet, Day 1

Alright, alright! Today, November 29th, is my first day on the Elimination Diet (created by yesterday’s featured writer, well-known UK fat loss expert Dax Moy). Why am I on a diet, you ask? And why on Earth am… Read More

Calories Schmalories (a Dax Moy excerpt)

Whenever I mention diet, nutrition or healthy eating in conversation nowadays, it’s almost inevitable that I hear something about calories within the conversation.   Especially over the Thanksgiving holiday!  I guess it IS a holiday that revolves so… Read More