Month: October 2010

What’s the fastest way to get fit/strong?

Wanna reach your physical potential? ** Surround yourself with people who are stronger and more fit than you. ** Hang around those individuals who make you feel weak, wimpy and out of shape because they are just so… Read More

Sweet Derby Love

You know what’s badass? The Long Beach Roller Derby! I’ve come back from a long LBC hiatus to find a rockin’ new organization that showcases the strengths and capabilities of tough, strong women! And I didn’t have to… Read More

Strength vs. Bulk

Just a quick entry for those who might question the Badass Doctrine. I know there are boatloads of gals out there who believe that becoming strong equals becoming BIG.  Bulky.  Muscular and man-ish. And I also know that… Read More