Step Away from the Scale!

I hate the scale. I really do.

And not because I loathe the numbers on it. Not at all. Put me on that scale right now… I’ll OWN those numbers!

Nah. I hate it because, collectively as a society, we let the numbers on the scale dictate whether we’re happy. Or worthy of love. Or successful.

And that’s bulls*t!

Of course we want to focus on health. On avoiding obesity and chronic disease. And of course we sometimes have to “lose weight” to get back to better health. For sure! But there’s a difference between being healthy / striving for better health… and being obsessed with an arbitrary weight or clothing size.

The scale should be used as a tool ONLY. It is a tool that helps provide info toward kinanthropometric measurements.

Otherwise, that scale tells us nothing more than how much we weigh under gravity at this very moment in time. THAT’S IT. It doesn’t tell us how hydrated we are, how dense our bones are, how much *ahem* waste we are carting around, our fat and muscle composition, how our organs are functioning, or whether we have sufficient vitamin and mineral stores.

It's just a number...

It’s just a number…

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The Josie Experiment

Any parent or child caregiver has probably uttered the words, “It’s a good thing my child won’t remember any of this.”

After a week of searing teething pain, an embarrassing parenting mistake (like losing your sh*t at the end of a trying day), or perhaps an attempt at discipline gone awry… In these instances, we take solace in the fact that those first few years will be omitted from memory.

But I can tell you with conviction that there are certain things you wish they didn’t forget.

Like the unquestionable adoration they show to mommy and daddy with their toothless grins and drooly kisses.  Or the short time frame when they truly WANT to follow your directions and see how much it pleases you.  Or the way they would try almost ANY type of food under the sun.  No questions asked… They would just munch away.  While staring at you in utter adoration.

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You Gotta Know When to Quit

Yeah, I gave up.

I had a daughter back in November 2011, and then I gave up on my blogging and YouTube efforts soon after.  I still coached my outdoor classes and worked with clients (while bringing my little gal with me!), so I felt I had enough on my plate.  And truthfully, I am quite the perfectionist… so staying up super late to publish a half-ass blog post I wasn’t into just didn’t feel professional to me.  Something had to give.

Then I got pregnant again in 2014.  And my husband, JD, got a new job 90 miles away.  There was no way he could commute that far every day in a VW bus, so I was a single parent during the week.  A single, working, pregnant parent… of a VERY passionate child.  Yeah, it was a challenging time.  You better believe I gave up all the multi-tasking, moved closer to JD’s work, and said good-bye to my beloved clients right after my son was born.  I was gonna be a stay-at-home mom for a good long while and just focus on one thing (not that mothering two young kids can be considered as “one thing”!).  So I quit again.  All the way.  Went “Missing In Action” from any professional pursuits.


No, this image is NOT photo shopped!

Well, I survived this past year as a mom of two!  And after all that laser focus on taking care of my small family, I am so totally ready to get another part of ME back.  Sure, I love my identity as “Mom” (some days more than others…).  But I miss that feeling of ecstatic pride and electric energy that only comes when I share my knowledge with someone who really needs it.  I miss HELPING people.  Helping people become empowered in their abilities or more confident in their lifestyles.  And now I have even more experiences from which to be helpful!  Being an exhausted mom on a budget has thrown me into new realms and new challenges.  And I’m learning all the time how to stay healthy (and sane!) in this new atmosphere. Read More