Laying my beliefs on the line…

I have been blogging on and off for the past 8 years. Through the many, MANY changing phases of my life.

I give advice. I share ideas based on research and experience. I try to motivate. I intend to educate. I open up a dialogue about health, wellness and real life.

After all these years, I have never really gone back in the vaults of my writing… Until today!

This old, yet revamped post caught my eye. It is a well-rounded list on what it means to ME to be a fitness professional. A wellness ambassador.

It divulges what I truly believe concerning health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. I want to be transparent and honest with my readers. So, I’ve compiled a list of my basic CORE BELIEFS. I want to share my opinions and I encourage your comments.

Okay… Enjoy!


– I believe that almost every common health problem can be linked back to insufficient activity, poor diet, and excessive stress (I mean… joint pain, muscle pain, weight issues, metabolic disturbances, heart problems, digestive problems, sleep issues, skin problems, etc, etc.)

I believe that the body was meant to move! It was meant to be challenged and pushed. And if we neglect to physically challenge our bodies, we will age more quickly, we will lose the ability to be physical, we will injure ourselves, we will become sick/diseased, and our bodies AND minds will break down. Read More

The Josie Experiment… The Results are IN!

Four months ago, I decided to do a bit of an experiment on my daughter, Josie.

She had become a very picky eater. And that lack of variety seemed to be contributing to some hefty moods swings and behavioral difficulties. It was getting pretty bad.

So, I ordered her some Juice Plus+. JP+ is a concentrated dose of 30 different high-quality whole fruits, vegetables and grains, backed by 20+ years of peer-reviewed research and recommended by numerous health and medical professionals.

The brand new shipment... AND the remnants from 4 months prior

The brand new shipment… AND the remnants from 4 months prior

I knew these delicious little chewables would fill the gap in Josie’s sad nutritional status, bolstering her immune system with necessary vitamins/minerals and providing more internal balance of blood sugar and hormones.

I was HOPING that they might also work to change her cravings as well! (Fingers crossed on both hands!)

I ALSO decided to jump at the chance to grab some JP+ chewables for myself. Because…

1- I do the typical mom thing of making sure the kids have the best of everything and then I take the leftovers. Yikes. It was time to change that pattern. Time to add a quality supplement to my own diet AND change my habit of giving away the best pick of everything.

2- I have a ginormous sweet tooth! And I thought that gobbling down these gummy-like supplements would take the place of other sweet things. (They do have capsules too – but you can see why I passed by those) 😉

3- If I ordered my own supplements, my sweet Josie could get her chewables for FREE! For up to four years! The Children’s Health Study rocks!

So… I’ve been doling out “the goods” at breakfast time every day for the past 4 months. I even give some of mine to happy-go-lucky little Ashton.

We have also added some plant-based JP+ shake mix to our afternoon smoothies. The kids look forward to our new rituals every single day!

Smoothie and chewables together!

Smoothie and chewables together!

But… Has my experiment worked?? Read More

That Year When I Was A CrossFit Badass…

So yeah, I was really into CrossFit.

I was dive-in-head-first, balls-to-the-wall, super gung-ho obsessed about CrossFit for a year. Only a year.

That seems strange to say. Because it seems like it took up more space in my life than that! And I guess it did if you’re talking about the effect of powerful experiences.

I recently shared in my last blog post that finding CrossFit helped bring me back from a temporarily poor relationship with food.  And it did that by filling a void. The void that many former high-level gymnasts experience after leaving a sport that has defined their lives since early childhood.

That very first “trial” workout brought me back to those super challenging gymnastics workouts that pushed us to our limits. And I felt alive! THIS is what I had been missing! Not arbitrary lifting of weights. Not a competition where you need to learn how to pose in order to flex certain muscles. Where you need to LOOK strong but not necessarily show any sort of strength.

No. THIS daily test of strength, endurance, and physical skill was what got me going. I was good at the challenges, but I had room to be much better. There was always a weakness to work on. There was always progress to be made. There was always a battle between mind and body.

And the strong community pushing you to perform… Assuring you that you weren’t alone in your insane quest toward your ultimate physical potential… THAT was the clincher.

I joined CrossFit right after the Summer Olympics in 2008. And then I left it right after performing in the CrossFit Games in Aromas, California in the summer of 2009. This is what happened during that year…

Just a glance at my Games performance

Just a glance at my Games performance

Read More